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This summer, embrace a lighter you with Laodis Peshtemal Towels:

Sand-free, light & durable, effortlessly stylish and always made of 100% Premium Turkish Cotton.



Feel the difference of long-staple Turkish cotton

Despite their lightness, Laodis Towels are suprisingly quick to wick any excess water on your skin. It is no secret that Turkish cotton is one of the best quality cottons in the world due to its long- staple structure. This enables Laodis Towels to be able to hold a lot of moisture despite being flatwoven towels. Don't let the thickness of the towel fool you as the optimized weaving techniques obtained by hundreds of years of knowledge and experience ensure that Laodis Peshtemal towels are strong and made to last for years.


more washes = more softness

Every Laodis Peshtemal towel is pre-washed before it gets to you so that you can experience its silky softness and never have to worry about major shrinkage with each wash. In fact you'll be pleasantly surprised that every wash will result in an even softer and more absorbent towel as the cotton fibers expand and gain volume.



It's the compact and sustainable option

Laodis Turkish towels are as light as a feather! Forget that extra bag you used to pack your oversized, bulky towels before a long trip, beach getaway, camping or family holiday. Laodis Peshtemals are  compact and lightweight, taking up very little space in your luggage with almost no additional weight. Not to mention that they also takes up less space in your washing machine, making it a sustainable option, as it requires a significantly less amount of water and energy in the washer/dryer. Even better, you can skip the dryer completely and just hang them to dry.


Time is of essence when it comes to towels

Exactly what you should expect from a well-made towel. One of the best ways Laodis Turkish Towels are distinguished from standard terry towels is that they dry within a very short amount of time and therefore never develop a musty, damp smell. This is also the reason why they make the best travel companions as you can use them multiple times a day, unlike regular towels which take forever to dry. You can be out of the ocean drying off one minute and using the towel as a beach cover the next- you will love how handy and versatile this towel can be as you discover the various ways you can make use of it.

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I bought these for the beach because our other thick beach towels were bulky to carry to and from and they also absorbed so much sand that found it's way into our washer/dryer. These towels are so lightweight I can pack a bunch of them in our beach bag and still have room for other stuff. The sand shook off easily and so far, they seem pretty absorbent and good quality. I've only washed 2x on cold/cool dry heat, but so far so good!

I am really impressed with this beautiful towel. I feel like I can use it for so many things! It’s very lightweight and quality material. The color is a nice neutral grey. It can be used as a throw, beach cover up, or beach towel! It came packaged in a nice box with a thank you card, which was very classy. I will definitely be buying more to give as gifts! Even my cat approves :)

Mike King, Amazon Customer

-Ashley, Amazon Customer

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